Why Buy Antivirus Software?

The most recent viruses, Trojans, worms, and other spyware appear daily. Nowadays, undefended computers aren’t simply in a weak position, they’re probably already infected. New coercions are camouflaged to skip other security measures and specially designed to capture your PC unexpectedly. The virus terrain has also changed. Viruses that used to be bothersome issues have transformed into malicious threats capable of destroying your computer and pilfering your own identity.

The benefits of installing a simple security solution in your PC are apparent; but the overall speed of your computer will slow down regardless of the costs that you have incurred.

Luckily, modern antivirus software hasn’t only enhanced their level of security, it’s significantly improved resource efficiency and overall speed. You can have essential protection without giving up your way. With advanced technologies and simple usability, antivirus software is inherently more effective. Say farewell to annoying security warnings and obvious slowdown; Up to date antivirus programs deliver constant protection and can actually speed up your computer.

The newest generation of antivirus applications brought innovative experiential detection. Continuing to grow, the current lineup of antivirus products frequently incorporates additional enhanced proactive protection with improved performance assessing and file-reputation analysis.

A number of products include high-level security and other innovative technologies to improve safety and suitability. From battery saving configurations to gamer modes to incorporated web-link scanners, antivirus applications are more multipurpose.

On this site you’ll find an evaluation of the best antivirus software, useful articles on computer security, security ideas, buying guides, videos, and comprehensive reviews that will help you make an educated decision. Two antivirus software products reach the ideal test results from Antivirus-Test:, Bitdefender Antivirus and Kaspersky Antivirus.

Antivirus Software: What to Look For

All security software isn’t created equal. Like all consumer products, antivirus software has the good, the bad, and also the typical. The options for antivirus protection are many and diverse. We feature the best antivirus software available now from a range of suppliers and compare them. When it actually comes down to it, usability and effectiveness can either make or break antivirus software. Our top ranking antivirus software unites optimum security with user-friendly characteristics and tools.

Scope of Protection

While most security options give multi-layered security and 360-degree defense, some are more comprehensive than others. The ideal antivirus solutions will consist of traditional protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, and spyware, but should also have protection from keyloggers, phishing scams, email-borne threats, and rootkits. While antivirus programs are by no means full-blown internet security suites, they ought to protect from as many dangers on as many fronts as possible.


Antivirus is specially designed to protect your computer. So if it does not do that well, what’s it? All of the features, bells, and whistles, and glossy interfaces can not compensate for poor performance. We look at outcomes in the industry-standard security software testers and professional security organizations to get the very best software available.

Ease of Installation and Setup

Security software should not be a tough job to put in and should have you protected whenever possible. From download to set up, to the initial scan, implementing antivirus software ought to be quick and effortless.

Ease of Use

Antivirus software is complicated stuff, but should not expect a diploma in computer security. The ideal security programs have all of the features security specialists want, but are they just as simple for a beginner?

Everyday computer users need a security solution they can install and forget about; applications that don’t need continuous maintenance or have annoying interruptions. The ideal antivirus software is flexible enough to do just what you would like to perform (even if this means running alone).


A well-rounded feature set requires a security solution from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Over bells and whistles, additional features provide security, usability, and performance benefits.


Security software is just as good as its latest update. Viruses are being identified and added to signature databases all of the time. So it is important that your virus definition list upgrades accordingly.

Modern antivirus software comes with automatic updates that perform frequently enough that you get quicker updates which don’t slow down your system. The ideal security suppliers push updates to you when they are available.

Help & Support

The ideal software does not require reading a comprehensive manual to use, but it still has one available. For certain questions, troubleshooting, and extra assistance, the best antivirus manufacturers deliver superior product support on- and offline. Additional support for applications may come in the kind of assistance over the telephone, email, live chat, or via a range of additional tools (knowledgebase, FAQs, tutorials).

A well-balanced antivirus solution is powerful, efficient, and simple to use. Combining all the ideal features with a usable interface, our top antivirus software options deliver the best security and usability without disproportionate serious investment in time, money, or system resources.

Antivirus or rather a comprehensive security package?Antivirus-package

Whereas in the previous antivirus software equates to fine protection for your computer, the ever-increasing quantity of time spent online renders a comprehensive security package all but an unnecessary indulgence. How many hours per day is your computer/mobile apparatus on the Internet?

A security package is comprehensive protection. You name it: antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, firewall, data security, and parental control. Read this article how to remove malware with TotalAV.

An Internet-connection enables malevolent users to permeate your computer without you noticing. The firewall checks all incoming and outgoing files. When a program wants to connect to the internet, the firewall asks for your consent.

Almost everybody knows e-mails that encourage you to click on a hyperlink to insidiously install spyware onto your computer. Or the spyware travels along while downloading files from malicious sites, or with peer-reviewed files that are infected.

As its name implies, spyware steals the user’s log-in data and personal information, and the significant damage can be caused. Who has not heard the stories about thousands of euros scammed through Internet banking? Install a spyware scanner to remove this threat.